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Diet and Nutrition Basics (Vol. 3)

Number of Meals

You need to eat about 6 meals per day. You need a lean protein source every 3 hours. This gives your body the building blocks it needs to build muscle. Eat soon after you wake up all the way up until your bed time. Ensure you give your body a good meal once every 3 hours. Do not wake up in the middle of the night to have a meal. Continuous sleep is more important. Have a slow digesting source of protein before bed time instead of waking yourself up to eat. Have 6 meals per day on average. 5 to 7 is fine when spaced 3 hours apart.

Water Intake
You need to stop drinking any other beverage besides water. You can have a few other drinks each week such as diet sodas or crystal light, but limit those to only a few per week. Everyone should be drinking around a gallon or 128 ounces of water per day. If you’re eating a high amount of calories, increase your water intake. If you live in a hot and humid climate, increase your water intake. If you are very active throughout the day, increase your water intake.
Water should be consumed throughout the day and especially around and during your workouts. If you stay fully hydrated throughout the day, you will make faster progress! This is the truth.

Basic Calorie Cycling
If you plan your diet around your workouts and eat normally besides the extra calories from pre and post workout meals, you are using a method of calorie cycling. Calorie cycling gives amazing results because you keep your body off
guard with higher and then lower calorie intakes. Here’s an example of calorie cycling. Notice the higher calorie days on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 5:

Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5    Day 6    Day 7
3000     2500      3000     2500     3000     2500      2500

Making Adjustments
Making adjustments to your diet and always striving to improve your diet is one of the keys to making quick, continuous, and consistent progress. Your body will adapt to anything, so you have to be willing to make adjustments to continue making progress. Other programs never adjust anything and you waste your precious time working hard for no reason! One of the easiest adjustments you can make to your diet is improving your food choices. I would never change anything until you are making the best food choices. All calories are not created equal. The better foods you eat, the better your results. That simple change alone will help you make faster progress. Increasing and decreasing the number of calories in your diet will help you continue to make progress. This can be tricky, though. You do not want to decrease your calories so much that your body begins to burn muscle for energy and hold onto body fat because it feels threatened.


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