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How To Properly Build Muscle and Put On Size In The Gym

First of all, it is important to have a goal - weight training is good for increasing strength, adding more bulk to your frame, or toning existing muscle. This article will focus on the techniques needed to build MASS. In order to build mass, it is essential to damage existing muscle in order for it to be repaired. Given the right stimulus, the body is incredibly efficient at repairing itself, new tissue is often stronger and healthier. Here are 

some essential tips for piling on the muscle:  

jojopig.com1) Feed your muscles. Muscle needs protein order to grow; a high protein diet will ensure that you get maximum growth from your muscles. Lean red meats are a good source of protein and also contain other nutrients essential for muscle growth. It is better to eat little and often as opposed to larger meals less frequently, it is also a good idea to have meals prepared prior to your workout, or to have a protein shake handy - this will prevent snacking. Your diet should also include quality calories, vitamins, good fats, minerals and lots of water.  

jojopig.com2) Stick to a plan Firstly, identify your goal - getting "bigger" is simply not specific enough, how big do you want to be? Why not identify a target weight, or chest measurement? Making your goal specific will ensure that you have something to aim for, something against which you can measure your performance. Once you have decided on a goal, you need to then formulate a plan which will enable you to achieve it. Most gyms will be able to help you with a routine which will help you achieve your goals, but unless you can afford a personal trainer, it is up to you to follow it. It is easy to deviate from your plans, doing so can lead to setbacks and also cause you to lose motivation altogether. Firstly, you will need to give your plan time to work; you will not see results overnight, building muscle takes time. Some muscle building magazines will tell you the latest "killer abs" exercises, or "how to build massive biceps" but hopping from system to system will not get you anywhere. This is why it is important to stick to your plan.  

jojopig.com3) Core muscle building exercises It makes sense to target the stronger, larger muscles when aiming to increase your muscle mass. It is possible to build a lot of muscle using only the following exercises: Squat, bench press and wide grip pull up. Using these methods will help you build strength and muscle mass in primary and secondary muscle groups. Squats target quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, the bench press will target your entire chest (pectorals,) triceps and front shoulders (deltoids.) The wide chin grip pull up focuses on lats, but also targets the entire upper back, biceps and forearms. These exercises should be the foundation of your weight training routine, they target a wide range of muscle groups and you will see results much faster.  

4) Master the techniques Before you add an extra 20kg to the bar, are you at risk of injuring yourself? To get the most out of your session you must ensure you are lifting correctly. Your muscles learn correct movement through repetition; this is why it is advisable for new gym members' not to begin with heavy weights. Bad habits lead to bad technique which can lead to injury. If you are not sure whether you are lifting a weight correctly or it does not feel right, you should seek advice from someone more experienced. For example, you often see people arching their back struggling to bench a massive weight - this is a bad technique that must be unlearned in order to progress. If you perform your lifts correctly, your muscles will learn the correct techniques and you will benefit more from your training.  

5) Train hard Building muscle is not a walk in the park; it is going to be hard work. You must train with intensity in order to gain the maximum benefit from your training.
6) Use free weights Most gyms have a combination of free weights and resistance machines, it is essential to use free weights wherever possible. Free weights require a greater range of motion than most resistance machines; therefore, using them makes better use of primary and secondary muscle groups. This, in turn, will build compound mass because it increases the number of muscles used in training.  

jojopig.com7) Identify your weaknesses Under developed muscle groups often show growth quicker than those which are more developed. With experience, you will be able to identify your weaker areas and target them with specific exercises. 

Check out the video below for Bodybuilding Basics Information.


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