Tuesday, June 7, 2011

10 Best Fitness Tips - Compound Exercises

Don’t have much time to workout? Want The top muscle builders? Want to develop real strength? If so compound exercises should be the core of your strength routine. Compound exercises are simply exercises that target more than one muscle group. For clarity, exercises that target a single muscle group are called isolation exercises. Anyway on to the Herculean strength builders.


The good old traditional squat should be a part of any strength workout

Clean and Press

This exercise will work the muscles AND the heart and lungs, it’s like a workout on its own!!


You can move some big weights eventually with this strength builder

Chin Ups

Tough to do at the start but worth persevering with as they will give you a fantastic physique

Bent over Row

Really works the back, but make sure of your form when performing this exercise

Press Ups

The good old fashioned press up has lasted the test of time for a reason, Pacs.


Another time tested exercise which work best for chest, front shoulders, triceps, wrist and neck muscles.

Bench Press

The way to work out best for Pecs, Triceps, Upper Shoulders and Wrist.


A great leg builder that will also build explosive strength and the heart and lungs


Not strictly a compound exercise but simply the best way to work those abs!


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