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10 Best Fitness Tips - Common Fitness Tips
Here’s a quick top ten of what we feel are some of the best general fitness tips.

Before you start any new program always write down your goals

Once you have set out your goals, draw up a plan on how you will achieve them.

Take a before photo
The change will be gradual and it is often difficult to see by looking in the mirror but take a picture every month and see the changes.

Do a fitness test
Before you start a new regime make sure you know your current state of fitness.

Take your time to stay up to date
Read the latest fitness magazines and books so you can stay up to date with current fitness developments.

Keep a journal
Keep a food and fitness journal; you will be surprised at what it will reveal.

Eat several small meals
Eat several small meals through the day rather than the accepted “three square meals.”

Drink water
Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water a day

Ward off stress
Take time to relax and reflect every day

Think positively
Think positively, negative feelings can set back your gains.


10 Best Fitness Tips - Motivational Tips

Motivation is king when it comes to exercise and health, if you’re motivated to succeed you will succeed.

Find a partner
If you have someone to workout with your odds of sticking to it are greatly increased.

jojopig.comSet your goals
You need goals to work to in order to succeed. Want to run a marathon? Want to drop a dress size?

Vary your routine
Don’t just hit the same machines over and over again, you’ll soon get bored.

Try something new
Why not try a game of squash? Or rock climbing? Go wild and try new things all the time.

Get the new gadget
There’s nothing like the latest heart rate monitor to make sure you hit the gym.

Focus on feeling
Focus on the positives of exercise, how do you feel and how does it make you look.

Take a break
Take a rest from working out occasionally you’ll come back with renewed vigour.

Treat yourself
When you hit your goals, go out and buy yourself a gift, dropped that dress size? Get a new dress. Got a six pack? Get some new clothes to show them off.

Keep a log
Tracking your workouts and progression will demonstrate the gains you are making.

Make sure you have your favourite music with you when you workout.


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