Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Weight Lifting Basics ( Level - 3)

A Proper Rep :

There are four parts of each rep that you do for any given exercise. Would you like to know what they are?

1. Lifting portion also known as the positive or concentric portion of a rep.

2. Peak contraction at the very top of each rep.

3. Lowering portion also known as the negative or eccentric portion of a rep.

4. Full stretch at the very bottom of each rep.

It’s a must that you do each rep with proper form. Do not stop short on the peak contraction, and do not stop short on the full stretch. Lift forcefully and lower the weight under control. The negative portion of each rep is the most important, but each part of every rep is very important. Have you ever seen someone do Pull Ups?

Most people stop short of a peak contraction and stop short of the full stretch and never get their chin above the bar. They are cheating on each rep because it’s easier that way. But they’re only fooling themselves because they’re not getting the full benefit of the exercise! Ensure that you concentrate on each and every rep. Do not cheat on your reps. Progress will be much faster when you perform reps properly. Reap the benefits of each and every rep when you use proper form.


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