Saturday, May 7, 2011

Weight Lifting Basics ( Level - 1 )

Required Equipment

In order to perform the Basic Weight Lifting Program, you’re going to need access to some basic weight lifting equipment. I’m going to show you what you need :

(1) Power Rack
A good power rack is a must! This is the center piece of any gym. A good power rack will have a chin up bar and possibly dip bars. A power rack provides you with everything you need to work out safely. You don’t need a workout partner. You don’t need a spotter. Spotter bars are included with every power rack. See the power rack in the image to the left. I’ve searched for the best power rack I can find that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.

(2) Adjustable Bench
You will need a good adjustable bench that you can slide in and out of your power rack. You’ll need the bench to perform some of the best exercises.

(3) Olympic Barbell Sets
You need at least one 300 pound Olympic barbell set. I personally like to have two so I don’t have to move the bar from inside the power rack to outside the power rack. You’ll save a lot of time and energy if you get two barbells and lots of extra weight plates. Most commercial gyms will have plenty of barbells and weights.If you are building a home gym, I highly recommend two barbells and lots of extra weight plates. 

(4) Adjustable Dumbbell Set
You’re going to need a good set of adjustable dumbbells. I made a huge mistake building my home gym and went with fixed dumbbells. They take up too much space and cost entirely too much.
That’s all the equipment you need to get started correctly with weight lifting. There’s no need to waste money on useless machines or any other useless equipment. A home gym will initially cost you more but will save you thousands per year in gym membership fees, gas costs, and wear and tear on your vehicle. A home gym is more convenient and saves you so much time!


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